Protecting Your Home From The Perils Of Water: Gutters, Eaves & Downspouts

As fall approaches, it's good to keep in mind your home's exterior seasonal maintenance needs.   The leaves will be falling, and, chances are, the leaves and other debris will be landing in your gutters!  It's important to ensure water can flow freely into and out of your roof drainage system.  If your eavestroughs are clogged, they won't be able to do their job properly, and the consequently can create significant water damage in your home ($$).

Gutters serve to work with your roofing system to keep water off the roof, and away from the home.  If the water sits on your roof, or close to your home, it can easily penetrate into your building's structure causing water damage to the structure and your valuable contents.  If these hazards are left unattended, water infiltration can cause materials to rot or create mould damage that might not be immediately visible.  Rot and mould growth can result from repeated and continuous leakage of water.  The health consequences of mould developing can be dire, especially in this time of increasing allergies and sensitivities.


The downspouts on your gutter system also play an important role in keep water away from your home's foundation.  Gutters must be clear to release the water and take the water sufficiently away from the home to prevent the possibility of the water backing up on the roof; seeping through the facade; or into your foundation walls and creating a wet basement.  Many home insurance policies do not cover damage caused by seepage, so it is important to do all you can to identify hazards, and maintain your home to prevent potential water damage from occurring. 

How to prevent your gutters and downspouts from causing damage to your home

  1. Ensure gutters are properly and professionally installed
  2. Ensure your gutters are in good repair, maintained and securely fastened
  3. Downspouts must be directed away from house, or into your weeping tile system
  4. Quickly identify if there are any blockages or overflows of your downspouts and gutters

Too late to prevent water damage? Call 1-800-RESPOND


Call ServiceMaster Restore, we are there to help.  It is as critical to identify the source of the water and correct the problem, as it is to ensure the water damage is properly restored.  Proper use of specialized equipment, monitoring tools and testing, will assist our technicians in making the right drying decisions. 

Fast action is imperative to reduce suffering and save money for you and/or your insurance company.  The primary purpose of the emergency service is to "preserve, protect and secure the property from further damage." Water damage claims increase substantially if prompt action does not mitigate and contain the damage. 

Our professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to water damage in your home, mitigate the problem and prevent further water damage from continuing.  We have certified emergency personal who are prepared to respond to your needs and restore your home with minimal disruption to you and your family.